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“Meeting you has given me the confidence and self-esteem I was lacking, and I can’t thank you enough.”

“Being out of the work force for 15 years and spending 10 of those years as a Breast Cancer Survivor, I was so excited to join the Breast Investigator’s team to advocate, raise awareness and bring in sponsorships. But as I began my new adventure, I never felt quite comfortable with my “the pitch”. (To me) it’s not a pitch. It’s me being me a mom of 2 and passionate about making a difference in a life of someone who is going through cancer. I want to make them smile today. I’m proud to say I am doing just that. I truly enjoyed your presentation and your message and those 5 mins we spent together at the end helped me see that I have a lot to offer and I am a lot more then just a mom. “

– Joanne H.

“Coach Jenny O has been a key part of my ‘new life’. She has changed my life and helped me to get out of the dark place I was in.”

– Lorna R.

“I had a fantastic day! Staying organized, made lots of great contacts and have a deal hopefully coming through this week. I’m applying all of the advice you gave me and feel like success is actually obtainable.”

– E. Mussori

Lethia Owens – Personal Branding Strategist


– Terri S.

“Each time Coach Jenny O speaks I feel empowered…

I get the tools and resources to advance my life.”

– Cassie W.

  • Ira Funderburk – General Manager of Culligan Water

  • Mary Byrd – “Jenny is Jenny’O’tastic”

“I’m telling you all I ordered this and I can’t wait to get it. Jenny is a Professional High Energy Motivator.

I just heard Myron Golden; one of the most Successful men on the Planet say that “High income can only come from High Energy” and that “No High Energy result can flow down to a low Energy Source”. So if you want to Renew, Reenergize, and Recharge your Life take advantage of this offer before they run out and you have to wait for the next batch. When you make the decision to move forward it should be with Speed and Direction. Braking is not an Option!”

– Deborah K.

“It was a fantastic workshop!
Thanks to Jenny! Gave me some great insight I can use to see my goals become a reality!”

– Rachael E.

Christine Marion-Jolicoeur

“Before working with Jenny O on sales coaching, I was struggling with how to build my name and really connect with the parents I want to help without feeling fake or pushy.

I’m a pretty introverted entrepreneur, so this has always been a challenge for me. I felt really supported and empowered by Jenny. Now, I look at sales in a whole new way. I have pages full of ideas from our sessions together + strategies and timelines for implementing them. Thanks to what I’ve learned I’m actually excited to hand out my business cards and talk to parents about my ecourses and workshops!”

– Christine Marion-Jolicoeur (Joyful You |

“I just have to say thank you once again for your presentation to the WorkNet Pinellas TEN (Transitioning Executive Network). What you said about taking risks and reaching out to others to not only help, but to ask for help (in a specific way) inspired me.

I have been reaching out to people I have not been in touch with in years to find out not only what is going on in their lives, but also sharing with them what I am doing and what I am looking for.
The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  I am making new connections and getting personal introductions or recommendations from previous co-workers as well as friends.  It can be hard to stay positive every day when you are looking for your next new step in life, so thank you for your positive message and presence!”

– Kathy P., Director of Operations

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop today. I love the energy that you brought to it and your personality is very uplifting and infectious…

I love people with high energy as I am the same way and they just seem like they have more of a zest for life… I also like how you identified with your audience and encouraged people to participate… I hung my collage in my walk in closet and I love it, lol. I have never been forced to do something like that and it was awesome and fun to do… I will definitely be motivated and encouraged when I look at that everyday when I go into my closet. I truly enjoyed myself today and I thank you for helping me feel better about my situation.. You are certainly an inspiration and I hope I will be able to do the same in my practice… I’m looking forward to speaking with you next wed…have a wonderful weekend.”

– Jennifer T.

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